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STEP 1: Fill out participant form and make a donation payment. HERE >
If you would like to donate, but will not be participating - donate here.

STEP 2: Download App and create profile to collect steps. HERE > 

What is the Fitness Challenge? 

It is a team-based event designed to get you moving and warmed up for the RMHF Fund Run. This challenge provides motivation to move through a “step” team vs team competition. Each team in the challenge will consist of 10 participants and can be people from your company or other participants like hospital workers. These teams will battle for supremacy by combining the average daily steps of each of their participants. Movespring provides each user with the ability to add activities (like biking, kayaking, etc.) that do not generate many steps and convert the time and effort into the comparable steps amount. 

How does it work? 

The challenge will begin on April 24th, 2023, and run until June 4th, 2023 (in co-ordination with the RMHF Fund Run). To help us organize this event, we are utilizing an app/website called MoveSpring. This app allows participants to link most types of step/activity trackers to the app for the purposes of the competition, so participants should not need to purchase a new device or enter their steps manually. Throughout this challenge these teams will also take part in various fun competitions. Extra Team Points will be awarded to teams based on their placing in these competitions, with prizes for the winning team at the end. 

How can I get involved? 

We are looking for sponsorships of $800, which provides your company with team naming rights, team logo rights, up to 10 participants, social media/MoveSpring app and in-store promotion. You can donate funds, non-sponsors, through this event to the RMHF, which would qualify for a tax receipt directly from RMHF. 

Whether you are looking to sponsor a team or donate to this great cause, we would love to team up with you for this great cause. The Ridge Meadows Hospital is a big part of our community, and every little bit helps thank them for their service.

On behalf of Haney Builders’ Supplies, we thank you for your support towards the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation! 


Being a Team Sponsor will provide your company name and logo for a team in

MoveSpring. This sponsorship also provides up to 10 participants to join the challenge. If you are unable to fill the spots, we will have other single users added to fill the rest of your teams’ spots. These will be presented on social media (both HBS and RMHF) and in store on our TV above the service counter with progress videos. No limit.


Being a Battle Week Sponsor involves sponsoring one of the 5 weeks of Team

Battles. Each week the teams will battle to have the highest average daily steps and have bonus points for days that rain and special daily challenges. The sponsors name and logo will be presented on social media

(both HBS and RMHF) and in store on our TV above the service counter with progress videos. 5 available.


Signing up as an individual will provide access to the MoveSpring app, which tabulates the challenge. As this is a team-based event, each single participant will be paired with a team (as available). Limited to available team spots.

Donations – Any donation provided to this event, besides the above sponsorship options, will be eligible for a

tax receipt from the RMHF.

If you have any questions with regards to this event, please contact

Karl Neufeld-Peters or Bill Hunter at 604-463-6206 or via email

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Sponsorship/Participant Choice
Method of payment
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