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Enhancing your home with mouldings and millwork is one of the least expensive alternatives that make the biggest impact. For properties in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas, Haney Builders stocks a large selection of mouldings from Hemlock, Oak, Maple, Primed MDF, and Finger Joint. Large or small, we have the perfect product for your project!

Even the smallest of details can help bring a home together, and interior finishings are a great way to complement the look, feel, and flow of your living space. Whether you’ve got a new build or renovation underway, it’s important to carefully select your finishings early on in the process to ensure that you’re left with a home that looks professionally designed in the end.

We have a special department that works with new construction projects with team members specializing in spec and custom homes, townhouse projects and mid to highrise builds. We recognize that each project type requires particular expertise and match you with the best person for the job.


Our mouldings and millwork are manufactured and distributed by:

Alexandria Moulding
Taiga Premium Prime Mouldings

We also carry the power tools to help you cut and install your mouldings. With a great selection of colours, finishes, and accessories, our Paint Centre can help complete your renovation project. Our team is ready to help, and we provide free measurements and estimates to make the whole process effortless for you. We can also connect you to our network of contractors for a quote on installation prices. For more information or to get started, just give us a call or come by our store!

Disclaimer: For product mix changes with seasonality, please inquire in the store for further information.

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