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Whether you’ve got a small backyard project or a large scale home makeover to take on, Haney Builders has all the building materials you could possibly need. With a 5-acre lumber yard on-site, our store in Maple Ridge carries dimensional lumber, and a variety of products for plywood, pressure treated wood, cedar, and primed fascia.

Looking for more information or a product quote? Please don’t hesitate to contact our Contractor Sales team or Service Counter Associates to speak with them directly.

Dimensional Lumber

Our 5-acre lumber yard at Haney Builders Supplies stocks a wide range of sizes and lengths of SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir), Fir, Spruce and Sawtex (Fascia). Dimensional lumber is term used for lumber that is cut to standardized widths and depths. SPF is mainly used for in framing residential and commercial construction.

Commonly stocked items:


1x2 8’ to 16’ lengths

1x3 8’ to 10’ lengths

1x4 8’ to 16’ lengths
2x10 8’ to 20’ lengths
2x2 8’ to 16’ lengths
2x3 8’ lengths
2x4 8’ to 20’ lengths
2x4 Wets 8’ to 20’ lengths
2x6 8’ to 20’ lengths
2x6 Wets 8’ to 16’ lengths
2x8 8’ to 20’ lengths
and more!

2x12 8’ to 20’ lengths
2x4 8’ to 12’ lengths
2x6 T&G Decking 12’ and 16’ lengths
2x6 8’ to 12’ lengths
4x4 S4S 8’ to 10’ lengths
and more!

Sawtex (Primed Fascia)
1x10 12’ and 16’ lengths
1x12 12’ and 16’ lengths
1x3 10’ and 12’ lengths
1x4 10’ to 16’ lengths
1x6 10’ to 16’ lengths
1x8 10’ to 16’ lengths
2x10 12’ to 20’ lengths
2x12 12’ to 20’ lengths
2x6 12’ and 16’ lengths
2x8 12’ to 20’ lengths
and more!

2x4 8’, 9’, 10' lengths
2x4 8’, 9’ lengths FJ
2x6 8’, 9’, 10’ lengths

2x6 8’, 9’ lengths FJ


Haney Builders Supplies stocks a wide variety and sizes of plywood products. Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated 90 degrees to one another. It is an engineered wood product that is includes categories like medium density board (MDF) and particle board.

Some of the products we currently stock:


Fir plywood


Fir rated plywood

Pressure treated plywood


Poplar plywood

Spruce plywood


Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood products are used in a variety of applications from home construction to commercial buildings, and industrial projects. Engineered wood products can be used for joists and beams that replace steel in many projects. At Haney Builders Supplies our 5-acre lumber yard stocks:

Truss joist products



Rim board




Window and door headers

Pressure Treated Wood Products

Haney Builders Supplies stocks a wide variety and sizes of pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber is wood chemically treated for protection from insects, fungal decay, microorganisms, and from the weather. Pressure treated lumber can last up to 20 years or more. The most commonly used chemicals used to treat wood are: Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), Copper Azole (CA) and Micronized Copper Quaternary (MCQ).

A list of sizes we commonly have in stock are:

2 x 12 green

1 x 4 green

1 x 6 green

1 x 2 green

2 x 2 green

2 x 3 green

2 x 4 #2 green

2 x 8 green

2 x 6 #2 green, green r/edge

3 x 12 12’

4 x 4 #2 green 3 9/16” and green 4 1/8”

4 x 6 green and green 4 1/8”

6 x 6 green and landscape grade

6 x 8 standard green

8 x 8 green rough and rough

Dimension lumber

Posts and access caps

Cedar Products

Haney Builders Supplies stocks a large variety of cedar products from S1S2E and S4S in different lengths up to 12' or more. We also carry cedar deck boards, channel siding, headers, rough and smooth dimensional lumber, shingles, fence panels and gates, and pergola kits (special order only). We can always special order custom sizes and finishes for your all of your building needs.

Primed Fascia

Fascia board runs along the roofline, and acts as a finishing edge or trim to protect the roof and the interior of your home from moisture. These boards connect to the ends of rafters and trusses. Most often gutters are attached to the fascia board which are commonly made out of wood, but can be manufactured with vinyl, aluminum and plastic.

At Haney Builders Supplies, we stock primed wood fascia boards referred to as Sawtex by our staff and customers. The following is a list of common sizes and lengths we have in stock in our lumber yard. We also stock aluminum fascia in white and brown in various sizes. In addition, we also stock popular product lines by James Hardie and Azek.

Sawtex (Primed Fascia)
1x10 8’ to 16’ lengths
1x12 8’ to 16’ lengths
1x3 10’ to 16’ lengths
1x4 8’ to 16’ lengths
1x6 8’ to 16’ lengths
1x8 8’ to 16’ lengths
2x10 8’ to 20’ lengths
2x12 10’ to 20’ lengths
2x6 8’ to 16’ lengths
2x8 8’ to 20’ lengths
and more!

Disclaimer: For product mix changes with seasonality, please inquire in the store for further information.

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